Site Survey Instructions

Site Survey Instructions

The site survey allows you to see what your sign will look like on location, before you make your final decision, and allows us to give you an accurate estimate.

Take a picture

The first step of the site survey is to take a straight on picture of the sign that can be scaled for a detailed rendering. The small difference of taking a few steps back to get a good picture can save you money by decreasing the amount of design time required for a project.

Take measurements

The next step is to take measurements.  The more measurements you can get the better (i.e. width, height, depth, sizes of separate faces, base sizes, retainer size, under-clearance, etc.)

Other things to note:
Is the sign illuminated?
If so, can you tell if it is lit with fluorescent lamps or LED’s?
What material is the sign face?

What if there isn’t a sign there yet?

You will need to take a straight on picture of where the sign is going as well as a measurement of something on the same plane. Having measurements on the same plane as where the sign is going is useful for the rendering process, so we can effectively show you how the finished product is going to look to scale.

Not every sign is going to be completely accessible for you to be able to grab all of this information.  No worries! Our expert team of service technicians will gladly come by to take a look and offer their opinions on what will and will not work for your location. Any information that can be provided to us beforehand is always greatly appreciated and helps us get our estimates out to you quicker.

If you have any questions, always feel free to call us at 920-731-4852 (4TLC), and we will help you in any way that we can!