Pictures of Outages

Pictures of Outages

Sometimes lit signs go out; it happens, and we will try and get it fixed as soon as possible.  There are some steps that you can take to make our process faster and get your sign back to it’s original glory quicker.

Our service technicians rarely do work at night, which in turn makes it difficult to see wich letters are out, without taking the whole sign apart and looking at the bulbs.

A night-time picture before the scheduled service can cut down on the amount of time the technician needs to be on site.

As you can see, a burnt-out sign at night can have a slightly different meaning than in the daytime.

The best time to take a picture of a sign outage is going to be right after sunset (when there is still some natural light).  If it is too dark out while taking the picture, most cameras require more time to keep the shutter open to gather enough light. Otherwise the camera only takes light from where it can find it.

Of course our technicians can figure out what is wrong with the sign without a picture, but this is just a helpful way to get things moving forward.

It also provides us with photo documentation so we can tell if there is a pattern in the outages, which could mean that there is a bigger problem such as a bad ballast.