Parts of a Sign

Parts of a Sign

Parts of A Sign

Signs can be expensive investments, and this section is here to help explain how they are put together. This allows you to better understand the parts of the sign and be able to accurately tell us if any part of it is malfunctioning or damaged.

A: Retainer System – L-Shaped metal brackets that hold a sign face into place on the outside of the cabinet.

B: Divider Bar – Metal bar for separating multiple faces in the cabinet.

C: Electronic Message Center (EMC)

D: Poles – Steel, load-bearing poles.

E: Base Plate – Welded to poles for attaching to foundation, or bolted to threaded rod in foundation.

F: Double-Sided LED Sticks – Our standard product for cabinets in place of fluorescent bulbs.

G: Polycarbonate Faces – Translucent white faces with UV shield and translucent vinyl graphics.

H: Pole Covers – Aluminum

I: Day/Night Faces – Perforated black vinyl graphics on polycarbonate faces for black during the day and white at night.

J: Aluminum Flashing – Painted aluminum to match cabinet to fill gaps where sizes may not match.

K: Temperature Control Unit for EMC

A: Letter Face – Translucent white face with or without translucent vinyl graphics

B: Trim Cap – Plastic bendable retainer system that fastens the letter face to the can.

C: Returns (Sign Can) – Aluminum can that houses the LED’s.

D: String LED lighting – LED lights wired in series (multiple colors available).

E: Raceway – Aluminum box for housing wires that channel letters are mounted to.  (Can be painted to match building)