Mounting Options

Mounting Options

Mounting Options

This section shows the various ways that we can mount a sign cabinet securely and effectively to protect your investment.

A: Saddle Mount – Where the pole goes through the middle of the cabinet and is fastened on the top.

B: Center Pole Mount – Where the pole is saddle mounted and then lowered into a larger telescoping pole.

C: Wrap Around Mount – When the pole goes all the way through the sign and fastened on both top and bottom of cabinet

D: Plate Mount – When there is a base plate at the top of the pole bolted to a plate at the bottom of the cabinet.

E: U-Angle Mount – For mounting on a building the U-angle brackets are attached to the top, bottom and back of the cabinets then bolted to the wall.

F: Between Poles Mount – When the cabinet is straddled between two poles and bolted to them from the inside.