If a customer really wants their sign to stand out, they are probably considering an illuminated option.

Having an illuminated sign allows them to advertise their brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a potential customer of theirs is driving at night, even when the business is closed, an illuminated sign is reinforcing their brand to all who pass by.

Here are some of the different options that we can choose from:

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a great option for long-distance viewing. It is a crucial advertising tool where there are many options to choose from. Customers will make split-second decisions based on their first impression of a business, so it is crucial that we get a brand in their customers’ minds before they are even close to a location.

Monument Signs

The best way to give a lasting first impression is an illuminated monument sign.  A monument sign directly outside of a business is a great way to let customers know that they have arrived, and it reinforces a brand 24 hours a day.

The signs have a polycarbonate face with internal LED lighting for a bright, long-lasting finish.  We can use different posts, masonry, and even landscaping to make a monument sign really stand out.

Plus, an electronic message center added to a monument or pylon sign will draw even more attention to a business, and let our customers talk directly with their customers.  Learn more on electronic message centers below.

Monument Signs (Routed Aluminum Faces)

Another option for a monument sign is to use routed aluminum faces.  This allows light to shine only through the letters of the sign, which creates a unique and classy look.

Building Signs

If a monument sign doesn’t fit in our customer’s budget, another good solution is a lit cabinet on the building front.  This is also a good solution for businesses that don’t have the space to accommodate a larger stand-alone sign.  (For example strip malls & downtown shops)

Channel Letters

Another eye-catching solution that we can use are channel letters.  Channel letters are made of aluminum cans bent to whatever shape our customers want, with internal LED lighting and colored translucent polycarbonate faces.  They can be mounted flush to the building or on an aluminum raceway that has been painted to match the building.

Channel Letters (Halo Lighting)

Another way to do channel letters is to make them with solid aluminum faces, clear polycarbonate backs, then mount them to the building with standoffs to create a halo effect.

Plastic Letters

A good option for indoor usage is to use plastic GemLite letters.  The formed plastic allows for finer details and a shallower letter (roughly 2 1/2″).  We can also order these letters white and have translucent vinyl applied to the tops to give the appearance of a halo letter (shown below).

There are many ways to illuminate a sign. Our creative team can come up with any combination of the above styles to create something that will work for any business.

Electronic Message Centers

When picking out an electronic message center, we have to choose what resolution is going to work best for our customer’s location. Many factors are considered when choosing the perfect pixel viewability for each placement, such as size of sign, distance, speed, and type of traffic (foot or vehicle) going past the sign.

Here is a video from our partners at Watchfire Signs to help you decide the correct pixel pitch: