The Karma Group: ThedaCare Murals at Appleton International Airport

The Karma Group


The Karma Group, an award-winning ad agency in Green Bay, WI, contacted TLC Sign with a unique wall mural idea they had for their client, ThedaCare, to announce their partnership with the Appleton International Airport. The Karma Group wanted full wall murals for maximum visual impact, with graphics behind 3/8” thick clear acrylic panels to both protect the murals and give them a high end “wow” factor.


After testing and experimenting with several products, we found that reverse printing the graphics on clear vinyl, “laminating” the prints with opaque white vinyl, and applying the prints 2nd surface on the clear acrylic really made the colors pop, gave the graphics depth, and resulted in a very polished look. The panels needed to be transported and handled very carefully, using suction cups helped avoid scratches in the acrylic and damage to the prints. Installation was accomplished by using “J” extrusions on the bottom and sides, and “h” extrusions along the top of the acrylic panels. All seams were fastened with custom made clear acrylic standoffs. The edges of the acrylic were flame polished to create a clear look at all seams and corners. To line up all of the seams exactly, the lower extrusions were installed using a laser transit to keep the bottom edges lined up evenly on uneven wall/floor surfaces along the length of each mural. Once installed, 1” thick dimensional letters and logos were applied to the 1st surface. When each mural was completed, removable vinyl was applied to the full wall to keep the partnership confidential until the big reveal at the grand opening party. Murals were installed on nine different walls, each about 9′ tall and totaling approx. 180 linear feet of acrylic panels. The project was definitely challenging, but we learned a lot and the results were amazing!

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