Quad Graphics

Quad Graphics new sign


QuadGraphics have come to TLC Sign numerous times over the years, with the most recent being a desire to replace an old electronic message center with a new modern one. Permitting and sizing issues could potentially make this a difficult task to complete.


Upon viewing the photo of this sign, you may think it’s been a simple, cut and dry process.  As stated, TLC Sign has a long history regarding this sign, which goes back to when electronic message centers were made of individual light bulbs with shutters covering them to “shut off,” then flip back open to turn on, rather than the small programmable LED modules we see today.  As their message center aged, QuadGraphics decided to decommission it and cover the message center with flex faces that read “Now Hiring.”  It wasn’t long before the company realized they were missing opportunities to engage with the community through their historic sign along busy Highway 41, and reached out to TLC Sign.  

Because QuadGraphics never removed their old message center, the county grandfathered the large size in, making the permitting process much smoother than anticipated.  Watchfire Signs built two 12’ x 24’ full-color 16mm message centers to install in a V-shape where the old message center stood.  It took TLC 3 days, two cranes and one 70-foot truck to complete the new image.

Today QuadGraphics is not only interacting with their community through posting events, they’ve also seen over 30% of new job applicants cite the message center as how they learned of the opportunity.  Plus with over 40 times the amount of pixels, the new EMC out-performs the old not only in looks, but it consumes only 17% of the amount of energy the previous message center did.

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